Digital showroom

Settr gives Digital PR a whole new meaning

In our app, we offer brands a 24-7 automated digital showroom for creators to view and request products from - saving a great deal of time while also allowing creators to curate an authentic PR package.


Inbound PR & gifting

Authentic PR has a higher post rate & trust

We allow the best content creators to pick and order their own PR packages. This results in a more genuine brand-curator relationship & promotes a more sustainable way of influencer seeding.

Content creator title

Inivation only.

Handpicked creators for premium and luxury brands.

  • 40 million reach.

  • 2% engagement.

  • 70% (female) reach.

  • Avg. followers 95 000.

  • Market reach: US, UK, EU, AUS & Scandinavia.

Content creator title

Solutions for all brands

Fulfillment solution for all needs.

We provide a manual, semi-automated or end-to-end solution, allowing you to determine how much time you want to spend on PR. We currently offer EU brands our warehouse and fulfillment center & expect our US center to be complete and functional by end of Q2 2022. For the startup brand, we offer multiple API integrations to speed up workflows. For every package we send, we also plant a tree.

Content creator title

Login to the Settr Digital Showroom.

We strive to connect our community of curators with the brands and products you love the most. Authenticity is one of the driving forces to why we created our digital showroom, just for you.