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Unlock Precision in Influencer Marketing

Discover the future of influencer partnerships with IYS Vision™. Our groundbreaking AI identifies influencers who align perfectly with your brand's aesthetic. Simply upload examples, and let our system do the rest.

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Transform Your Execution with IYS Vision™


Say goodbye to hours of manual searching and hello to instant, highly relevant match-ups. Our technology does the heavy lifting so you can focus on what really matters.


Discover influencers whose aesthetic perfectly aligns with your brand. Keeping consistency across teams, markets, and influencers is brand essential.


Automate brief creation, invitational emails, and campaign outlines with our advanced LLMs. Launch campaigns faster without sacrificing quality.


With IYS Vision™, scaling your influencer marketing efforts is easy. Our system is built to enabling you to effortlessly break into new markets with influencers that fit your brand.

AI in Action: Transforming Influencer Marketing from Buzzword to Reality
Experience the power of our advanced AI technologies: From precise aesthetic matching to automated content aggregation and communication, discover how IYS Vision™ revolutionizes influencer marketing workflows with unparalleled levels of efficiency, precision, and scalability we bring to your activities.
The Power of Aesthetic Matching

Watch how it scans through thousands of influencers to find those who perfectly align with your brand's aesthetic, effectively transforming the way you approach and manage partnerships.

Automated Outreach, Perfected

Explore how our cutting-edge Language Learning Models (LLMs) work in real-time to generate personalized briefs, invitational emails, and campaign descriptions.

What you get with our influencer platform

Unlock unprecedented time and cost efficiency with IYS Vision™. Our AI-powered tools provide measurable KPIs that prove how much you stand to gain. Make data-driven decisions with confidence.


Cut influencer discovery and activation setup time by 40%.


Lower campaign costs by up to 30% and effeciency.


Improve your ROI by an estimated 25%, thanks to smarter campaign planning and execution.

Influencer AI Marketing FAQ

  • What is Settr Vision AI™?Dropdown

    Settr Vision AI™ is an AI-powered influencer matching system that streamlines your influencer marketing efforts by finding influencers who align perfectly with your brand’s aesthetic.

  • How does the aesthetic matching work?Dropdown

    You upload 2-5 examples of influencers that fit your brand. Our Vision AI then scans social media to find influencers with a similar aesthetic. Test here(hyperlink).

  • What types of AI technologies are utilized in Settr Vision AI™?Dropdown

    We use advanced Vision AI for aesthetic matching and Language Learning Models (LLMs) for automated content comprehension and communication.

  • How easy is it to install and integrate Settr Vision AI™ into my existing workflow?Dropdown

    Settr Vision AI™ is incorporated into our platform. It’s built by and for influencer managers of all previous experiences.

  • Can Settr Vision AI™ help in reducing campaign costs?Dropdown

    Yes, our system can lower your activation costs by up to 30% through precise influencer matching and streamlining of efforts.

  • Is the system scalable for different market sizes?Dropdown

    Absolutely. Settr Vision AI™ is designed to adapt, allowing you to effortlessly break into new markets with influencers that fit your brand by just selecting the market of target.

  • How secure is my data with IYS Vision™?Dropdown

    We prioritize data security, employing industry-standard encryption methods and compliance protocols to ensure your data is safeguarded at all times.

  • What measures are in place for GDPR compliance?Dropdown

    Settr Vision AI™ is fully GDPR compliant. We’ve implemented strict data protection measures to ensure the privacy and security of your information.

  • Is there a demo or video I can watch to see how it works?Dropdown

    Yes, please request a demo in the navigation bar or click [HERE]